Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Here's a link to the P-I Seahawks Forum of which I spoke in my last post:  http://www.seattlepi.com/forum/boards/viewtopic.asp?topicid=156652

The thread's title is: Impressions of Cam Newton. Though it is a serious discussion and I respect these guys mostly, and have been reading their posts for a month or so now, I laughed out loud more than once while reading this thread. If interested, please amuse yourselves or better yet get on there and express yourself. 

If you happen to decide to interject an opinion, please give them a link to this site. I cannot do it myself as my "account has been banned..." by the omniscient IT guy over at the P-I who will not return my phone calls. Nor will the customer service system respond to my two emails pleading with them to un-ban me since I was banned during the registration process prior to ever having an opportunity to break any rules for which I might get banned legitimately, but to be banned for eternity because of some registration glitch is too much for me to bear.

This is going to be a recurring theme on this blog until the P-I un-bans me. Or I do something even more aggressive which brings me to the attention of the authorities over at the P-I. Such as, but not limited to, tweeting THE TRUTH in short bursts, un-friending them from my Facebook account, or the more traditional: report them to the better business bureau. If fame and fortune as a world class blogger precede my un-banning by the P-I, won't THEY be sorry. Actually, and much more realistically too, the P-I will most likely sink into oblivion due to economic necessity long before I will rise to fame and fortune for any reason. 

Well, enough on that subject FOR NOW. 


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