Sunday, January 16, 2011


As a child, my family had this rule whereby any child could choose one vegetable we did not have to eat. With much the same thinking, reasoning, and logic - each Seahawk fan is allowed one opponent to hate.  

As a child, I foolishly chose asparagus which, being expensive, was served less than once a month. Had I chosen broccoli, I would have had more opportunities to exercise my veto due to it being such a popular vegetable on our dinner table.

Others may choose the football equivalent of brocolli such as a divisional opponent guaranteeing them more hate opportunities, but I choose to HATE the Pittsburg Steelers. The remainder of the Seattle Seahawks opponents in the NFL I merely dislike very very much. The primary reason for my hatred of the Steelers is the girly trick plays they used to beat the Seahawks in the 2005 Superbowl*

* The girly plays alone would not have defeated the Seahawks without the added help from ADMITTEDLY MISTAKEN CALLS by the officiating crew. Apologies have been tendered by those responsible. However, reparations have not even been discussed. To my knowledge, no quid pro quo has even been contemplated - though God Himself knows it is the just due of our beloved Seahawks.  

The mighty Steelers of "The Steel Curtain" defense - a manly image - relied on trick plays for nearly all of their yardage in that Superbowl game. Such hypocracy earns my excessive hatred. 

Listening to the game between Baltimore and Pittsburg, I can only hope they get blown out, but at this moment in time they have lucked into a couple or three turnovers and are looking like they might win.

In the back of my mind is a secret wish Pittsburg makes it to the Superbowl. But only if Seattle is destined to be their opponent. That would set up a rematch of the 2005 Superbowl where we were beaten by Pittsburg with a combination of girly plays and bad officiating in spite of Pittsburg obviously being the less talented team. If the two teams should meet again in 2011, everyone would agree that Seattle was this time the less talented team. So a victory would be even more sweet. Nothing but beating Pittsburg in the Superbowl with less talent will fully quench my thirst for revenge. Nothing else will satisfy this hunger to devour the Pittsburg Steelers.

If all of these conditions are met, and the Seahawks get the opportunity to play Pittsburg in the 2011 Superbowl, my last wish is that Seattle uses as many girly plays as necessary to ensure our win.   


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