Thursday, January 13, 2011


There are 2,300,025 internet sites dealing with the NFL Draft, but has one of the best right here. Reading stories about the NFL, one soon realizes that Bill Belichick has become a modern day legend when it comes to the draft.  Through what are seen as shrewd trades catering to other teams "win now" compulsion, the Patriots get more later for one now. Such far sighted moves have netted the Patriots 2 first round draft choices this year, but Rob Rand of CBS sports says to expect another trade down approach to the draft this year "to assure he'll be in a position of power again next year."

This Rand guy thinks the Seahawks will take Locker after everyone else passes on him. Cause he's "a local product" and I agree that starting locker would almost certainly increase local interest, but only until he threw too many interceptions. Sure his family and a few close friends might stand by him, and there are always a few who would be patient to the point of masocism, but most would turn on Locker like a school of sharks on a wounded sister in a feeding frenzy with three consecutive losses. 

So I am guessing Pete Carroll  will use his best judgment on Locker's potential and pass on him if they evaluate him lacking in some essential talent.  If he survives to our slot that would indicate every other team had found such a flaw. 

In any case, Mock drafts and dreaming of your team getting "the missing piece" is the sports fan equivalent of romance novels. Trashy and fun.


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