Monday, January 10, 2011


 The following was written to a friend of mine who lives in Chicago, but except for the very last bit about the bet, it is relevant to the general sports public so I publish it here. I hope you enjoy it.

Now that I am a professional blogger, my stinginess forces me to limit my one on one emails, but I cannot resist the opportunity to rub Da Bears noses in the Seahawks shit we left in your stadium earlier this year.

DO NOT LISTEN TO THE EAST COAST shills you will find on ESPN or FOXSports. THEY predicted the New Orleans Saints would crush the Seahawks. They said Seattle COULD NOT WIN. Now Terry Bradshaw, the jester, says Seattle CANNOT WIN against Da Bears.

Of all four wildcard games, who scored the most points? And the last time Seattle met the Bears was....this year! In the Bears stadium. So it CAN be done. I just hope you guys have an answer for THE BEAST. Seattle's offensive line was just getting it together when they put a whooping on the Bears, but then regressed for many weeks after having our thin corp of O and D line decimated by injuries. Now, do not start on me about every team has injuries. Yes, that is true, and it is no excuse. But the Seahawk reality is that they do NOT have enough depth to be highly competitive without most of their first stringers in the game. Fortunately, we are nearly fully stocked, and will not use that excuse if we lose. I think our O-line is peaking right now. As is our receiver corp and running attack. They are all maturing and taking it to the next level. The Seahawk defense is not something to be ashamed of, but it is a bit soft against a great passing game. N.O. showed that AGAIN.

Do not let overconfidence ruin your winter the way it has for Saint fans. Do not think this is a bye week. Do not expect the Seahawks to lay down in terror of the great big bad bears who we beat up week 6.

Actually, tell me what you know about the strengths and weaknesses of the Bears. I'd appreciate it. If you happen to have access to their playbook........

$20 CASH MONEY? You are cruel. No points? No odds? Come on. I can go to Vegas and get what? 10 points?
Actually, JD, if we were close and it was no big deal paying off, I would make that bet just for the fun of it. Did you see THE RUN? Better teach those guys how to tackle.


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