Monday, January 10, 2011


Welcome one and all to my first blog post. My domain name is SeattleAlaskaSports. Easy enough to remember, and lately, and disparagingly, Seattle has been referred to as Southern Alaska as in "Oh, yea, I am sure Payton Manning would want to leave Indianapolis and come to Southern Alaska...." and I have often over the years "stuck it" to some of my Alaskan friends by referring to Southeast Alaska as a suburb of Seattle. It works both ways. There's no doubt that a special relationship exists between Seattle and all of Alaska. And since this will be primarily a sports blog, SeattleAlaskaSports was my quick choice for my "domain name" which has few names left unclaimed. I was rather flabbergasted when it came up as unused. I took my pen name or ID to write under as "Soggyblogger" for the obvious reasons and also with surprise it was unused.

I grew up in Seattle on Queen Anne Hill and have spent much of my adult life there as well. Though I left for Southeast Alaska in my twenties and have spent the majority of my time in Alaska for the past 30 or so years, my sporting heart has never ever left Seattle. I grew up with athletics a big part of my life until my late teens, and have followed Seattle sports avidly since I was a paperboy for the Seattle Times. I can remember finding a place to sit and read about the Washington Huskies at 5:00 am every Sunday some time during the middle of my paper route.

Since then I have kept myself busy as a commercial fisherman in SE Alaska. Following Seattle sports from afar. Before I left Seattle I ALMOST completed my degree in Journalism from the U of W. At the time, I was in such a hurry to get fishing I could not be bothered to take 7 more credits to complete my bachelor's degree. It would have meant losing an entire season of fishing, and by that time I was convinced I would rather be a fisherman than a reporter. No Regrets is one of my rules.

So now I return to writing (at least the publishing part) as a would be blogger. Seattle sports will be one of the main topics on this blog, but I may wander off into philosophy, mysticism, book and movie reviews, economics, politics, and who knows what else? As Depak Chopra says,  ".......embrace uncertainty."

I decided to start this blog because I found myself writing sports stories. I offered them to a couple of blogs, but did not find an enthusiastic response, but most importantly, my pieces were sometimes obsolete within days of writing and they languished on someone's email account as they decomposed. I realized I needed my own blog so I could publish as soon as I was finished writing. I had hoped that by contributing to someone else's existing blog that my stories would be circulated to a greater audience. I wasn't concerned with being compensated for my writings. I have few illusions this will become the next great blog. I reasoned that on an existing blog I might get known as a competent writer and help his blog so greatly that he might "share the wealth" voluntarily if I was putting money in his pocket. Knowing such an eventuality would not occur overnight, and not being particularly in a hurry to get rich, I am not overly concerned either way. By starting my own blog, I imagine most of my posts will go unread for the foreseeable future. On the other hand, they will always be available in the event I become popular to future readers to read even though they are dated. Nothing is lost. I have the posts I wrote but never posted in a timely way, and I will post them here soon. So the content page will fill up a bit more then this meagre introduction indicates. (smile)

As with many things I do, I have spontaneously made the decision to start a blog. I have given it some thought over the years, but very spur of the moment actually went to google and searched for "how to start a blog..." and voila, one and a half hours later I am about to click the button to post my introduction to the world's greatest blog: SeattleAlaskaSports.

Well met!


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