Saturday, January 15, 2011


My very dear friend, John Taylor, of Anacortes, WA, who sells boats for a living, will be inconvenienced should Green Bay beat Atlanta on Sunday and the Seahawks pull off another upset against the Chicago Bears in the Windy City.  He will be inconvenienced because that would mean the Seahawks would host the Green Bay Packers for the League Championship game deciding who would go to the Superbowl. Hosting the game against the Packers would mean the Seattle Boat Show would need to vacate parts of Qwest Field to make room for the Championship game. 

My dear friend, John, says he cannot root for Green Bay to beat Atlanta in spite of the home field advantage that win would assure for the Seahawks which would certainly increase Seattle's chances of winning the game against Green Bay. 12th man and all of that. And here I might add is an area where John is being a bit hypocritical. John calls me on the phone every time the 12th man causes a delay of game penalty against the opposing team. He laughs and delights in the 12th man. Yet in spite of his obvious pleasure taken from the Seahawks, he is unwilling to give anything in return in the way of removing a folding table, a couple of folding chairs, some pamphlets, a few pens, and a rug from some portion of Qwest field late at night after a full and stressful day of selling aluminum boats made mostly by Thunder Jet which is a super-high quality American made boat. So we are looking for Seahawk fans to volunteer to help John as he is old and cranky and whiny and won't STFU. Any volunteers may call John at 360-555-1212. 

My friend, John, keeps irregular hours so do not worry about the time of day or night you call. After checking with John for permission I may post his real business phone number on the off chance you are interested in purchasing a shiny new fish killing machine. 

John threatens to hold it against the Seahawks for eternity if their plans inconvenience him in the slightest. Threats such as voting against any future bond issues for stadiums and infrastructure to support professional football in the Seattle area is only one of many such threats. All of these negative vibes can be averted with a small cadre of volunteers. 

While once friends, John is starting to piss me off, and I almost regret making him famous like this. Nevertheless, if you happen to be going to the Seattle Boat Show anyway, stop by the Thunder Jet booth and say hello to my ex-friend John, and tell him you are going to buy a boat from a true and loyal Seahawks fan - which EXCLUDES HIM. Go Seahawks AND the Green Bay Packers! Rah rah. 


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