Friday, January 14, 2011


Today I have a lot planned for this blog, but first and foremost I want to kill Soggyblogger. No, I will not banish my alter ego to the cyber-graveyard - meaning, I will not change the name of this blog - which is the only way I know to accomplish the virtual grave digging thing, but I will stop referring to myself as Soggyblogger. I will no longer refer to myself in the third person by any name. Referring to myself as Soggyblogger felt a little immature and was becoming a bit habitual. I was feeling a psychic disconnect creeping into my mind, and a vulnerability to stray psychic emanations of unknown origin. The result of all this feels like I may have downloaded about 1% insanity in the process. I do not expect it to be a permanent disability. In fact, I am feeling much better already.

Writing a blog is a learning experience. At first, I had hoped to write polished stuff, but in the interests of keeping a flow of content going, I polished less and the results were a bit alarming. After giving the future direction of this blog very little thought, I decided my old idea of what this blog would become wouldn't work as well as a more informal and more traditional blog - of the type being written in mother's basements all across this planet.

That does NOT mean I will start telling my readers what I ate for breakfast (cherry Yoplait yogurt eaten straight out of the container using an especially small spoon, of course; dark toast lightly buttered, and French roast coffee without any cream or sugar - like all real men drink their coffee). Nor will I be writing about my trip to the grocery store and the like - though there was an interesting encounter in the frozen foods section with one of my psychotic neighbors......oh, never mind. 

However, there may be more of these "little blogs" about blogging, and about writing in general, and possibly about my mental health issues. Just kidding. Unless I am not. For those really interested, I just farted.

by Me (Soggyblogger)

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