Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Now is the time of our lives that we will look back on as the good old days. THE RUN. Who will forget that? How likely to be improved upon? If we lose to the Bears, we go back to the beginning. We start over. But until THEN (until we lose or win all the way to the Super Bowl) enjoy the moment. Enjoy this week leading up to this all important second meeting with the Bears.

I've got other chores which are going undone because these days may not come this way again (in my life anyway). So I am reading every article I can find, and every comment on every article written about the Seahawks. From Tacoma to Chicago, and New York City to wherever ESPN and FOXSports are. As part of this blogs regular duties, I hope I can act as a clearinghouse for the good stuff on Seattle Sports from across the internet, and pass those links along to save you time and trouble. Make myself useful. Gradually, becoming habitual, and eventually becoming indispensable. Step by step my master plan to dominate the world is unfolding.

In that spirit, I pass along a link to a Chicago fish wrapper's attempt to be funny at the expense of the Seahawks (actually its an internet only rag I think - upon further review) and specifically, Mike Williams, Marshawn Lynch, and Pete Carroll.

Read it yourself here.

From this page you will find a prolific selection of stories to read about this upcoming match-up. The story referred to above is titled: Meet The Enemy: Seattle's Weak Warriors, and can be found here:

As Soggyblogger, I made a comment to this story as did dozens of other Seattlites. So many comments were made, and many furious with the author that he wrote a follow up article about the responses. Much humor and fun, and some (as always, including myself) who take it too seriously. Though I stand by the points I made.THAT story is titled: Mailbag: Taking on the Seattle Naysayers. My comments were made after the follow-up article, and I will go over there and retrieve it to edit into this post eventually.

You can find that follow-up article from the first link, scroll down, and click. Here is a link any Seattle Sports fan ought to bookmark for the Tacoma paper  In my opinion the writing there is every bit as good if not better than either the P-I or the Seattle Times.  Also, worthy of a bookmark is an internet site called SportsPressNW which was started by some disgruntled or ambitious former Seattle P-I sports reporters.

Check it out and tell them Soggyblogger sent you.  


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