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Editors note: The following story was first published on  SEATTLE SEAHAWKS OUTSIDER in the comments section about a week ago before the birth of this blog. The following story is a slightly edited version of that original post. You can go look up the original story if you want but I won't help any more.

        We Got Our Mojo Working

Delirious is the only way to describe Seattle sports fans today, January 8th, 2011. Seattle sports fans are not familiar with this level of happiness, and like the high from ingesting too many alcoholic drinks, Seattle sports fans are drunk on winning. Seattle fans endured another 100 loss Mariner's season, the start of another NBA season without even a losing team, and at one time the Huskies football team was 3-6 and on the verge of being eliminated from bowl contention - which is when Seattle sports seems to have gotten it's MOJO back. The Husky football team won three straight to earn a bowl bid which led to a magical weekend of sports down in Southern California where the Huskies stunned Nebraska by not only beating them, but clearly dominating them. Simultaneously, the Husky basketball team was sweeping USC and UCLA in their own cribs.

Returning home, the Seahawks took advantage of that Mojo and beat the Rams to win the NFC West Divisional Championship. The Seahawks did not back into this win. They did not win with some flukey bounce of the ball, or a rash of bad luck plays for the other guys. The Seahawks won like the Huskies vs. Nebraska, they clearly dominated their opponent, and deserved the win. Instead of the Rookie QB sensation, Sam Bradford, tearing The Seahawks apart as most pundits would have it, it was our unheralded first year playing, Charlie Whitehurst, who looked like the better young QB and helped the Seahawks to an upset win versus the Rams.

That contest set up the debate in the sporting community as to whether winning the division, and a spot in the playoffs, was even worth losing the 10 or more places in the upcoming draft that winning took away from us. National sports writers even chimed in on the side of losing for the draft pick ( EVERY non-Seattle sports commentator, and most of those within the city limits as well, gave the Seahawks little to none as the chances of beating the New Orleans Saints who are the defending Super Bowl champs. Way too many made flat out "The Seahawks cannot beat NO" statements which splattered egg all over their faces. Of course, most sports writers just move on and make their next outrageous comment. This is entertainment folks. There's no accountability here to speak of. Even most fans have the attention span of a clam, and live in the moment and future, but much less in the past. Most of us don't hold grudges for past predictions gone wrong because most of us know that about forty different scenarios run through our heads each day imagining the Huskies BB team winning out the Pac 10 season unbeaten...until they get beat. Or envisioning the Huskies football team going 3-9 in our darkest hour. If we were sports writers in the wrong place at the wrong time maybe we would write the story which would force us to eat crow.

Chicago Bear heart is on the menu now, and not crow. Soon after the Seahawks finished off the Saints, the Husky basketball team was devouring the Oregon State Beavers. Seattle's sports fans are delirious with winning. We've had our Mojo going now for about 2 weeks - let's see if we can make it 3 or 5 or...Coming up the Chicago Bears and as many more victims of the Husky basketball machine as possible. I need another drink....uh, make that a win.

by Soggyblogger

Editors Note: Last night the Husky basketball team lost to Stanford, and it felt like our Mojo leaving - though I have always considered the San Francisco area to be a spiritual place, and so maybe that offered some protection against our Mojo? On the other hand, I know Chicago, and it is not a spiritual place. More like a thin spot between earth and below. How else can anyone explain O'Hare? I will re-evaluate the situation post-Bears. I suggest cleansing teas, and tin foil hats just in case.

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