Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Welcome Followers and Lurkers, Too

I am back. I was unable to enter my own blog! This is just a test to determine if I am truly back. 

Since I have been gone, I have gained my first follower. How exciting! Too bad for all those lurkers who missed out on this hidden prize for being the first follower. My first follower is currently receiving her $600.00 per month award. Again, so sorry to all you lurkers who missed out on this fabulous award. In a previous post, I mentioned our upcoming reward program for news tips, gossip, Sloggyblogger's Investigative Journalistic Apprentice Program (SIJAP) which is waiting on a grant from the Federal Govt. We are still struggling with some of the requirements and translating the legaleze back into English. We may need to apply for a grant to supply us with a legaleze translator before we can complete our original grant request. SIJAP is just one of our proposed AWARDS PROGRAM. Check back for further updates on our exciting proposed AWARDS PROGRAM. 

And don't miss out on any more hidden awards. Sign up as a follower today! Tell your friends and neighbors to sign up, too.

Today I had "frosted flakes" with half and half for breakfast. Welcome back to myself. 


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