Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Sad. It is sad that WSU fans need to gloat and humiliate Husky fans. Plain and simple, it is just sad.
I was pleased when the cougs were winning and looked to become an elite team. I really was
pleased. I would never root for the cougs to beat the Huskies, but any other opponent and WSU
has my support. Yet the cougs ONLY redeeming part of their season so far is now their sweep of
the Huskies. Again, that's sad.

As bad as the Huskies season has become, with two more home wins we will have swept both
USC and UCLA. As bad as the Huskies have played recently, with even two more wins they will
probably still get invited to the dance. WSU needs to win the Pac 10 tournament to get there, and
I hope they do it if it doesn't mean beating the Huskies.

Sports is about us versus them. The Huskies versus the world. The Pac 10 versus the rest of the
world. The State of Washington versus the rest of the country. America versus the rest of the world.
Some fans think our team is elevated by the fall of our closest opponents, but that is narrow sighted
and just plain foolish.

On finding fault: Romar is responsible. No doubt. How is the problem fixed? I am not amongst the
crowd who will be calling for his head. I know way too little about his assistant coaches. Romar
needs help. That seems clear. Are his assistants there to learn or are they there to elevate the
program? If it is to elevate the program then they are failing miserably. Romar should fire all of his
assistants and hire a complementary co-head coach. Or head assistant coach. Someone who can
teach Romar how to coach in those areas he is lacking in skill. Maybe some retired coaching
genius. Like Millen did with his former Sonics coach. The players seem to be both coachable and
talented. They are playing like an uncoached team.

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